Georgia high school football player who died awarded scholarship


De’Antre Turman, 16, of Creekside High School’s football team died Friday after a routine tackle play caused the player to drop and go ‘limp’ during the schools scrimmage game against Banneker High School. The 5-foot-11, 164-pound11th-grader was a cornerback and was set to graduate in June 2015. The young man was only a junior yet was already set for college as he was awarded with a scholarship to play for the University of Kentucky.

Autopsy results concluded that Turman died from a fracture of the third cervical vertebrae (broken neck). He was named the Top Defensive Back at MVP Camp this past June.

His legal guardian Tasha Keller has cared for him since his biological mom died when he was 4 years-old, was raising Turman. Keller explained to reporters how football helped him cope with the lost of his mom as well as, how happy it made him.

“It was football that helped him cope with that tremendous loss in his life. That is what made him the happiest. Being the competitor and playing different sports made him happy,” said Keller.

Please continue to pray for his family as they cope with losing this teen with such a bright future.

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