Jay-Z and Beyoncé will not purchase movie theater in Chicago



No other couple in music makes power moves like Jay-Z and Beyoncé, but one power move that they didn’t make is a rumored purchase of an old movie theater in Chicago.


Earlier this week, Gumbumper.com reported that, during a trip to Chicago, the hip-hop power couple fell in love with the New Regal Theater, a vacant theater that was once considered to the Apollo Theater of the city, and decided to purchase it for $250,000.


However, yesterday NBC Chicago spoke with “a source familiar with the deal and although the FDIC confirmed that they theater has been purchased, the source claimed that Jay and Bey were not the ones who bought it.


DNAInfo Chicago spoke with Yolanda Valle, a broker in the Chicago office of U.S. Equities Reality that is handling the sale on behalf of the FDIC, who refuted the rumor as well, saying that the deal for the historic building, which closed in 2003, is still pending with an unknown buyer.


“All I can tell you is it is not true … I have not spoken with Jay-Z or Beyoncé,” she said, adding, “due diligence is being finalized and once that is done the name of the new owner will be announced.”


It looks like there won’t be any Chicago investments for Jay and Bey. However, that will not detract from their $800 million net worth. Check out some other power couples who are also pulling in major dough below. – nicholas robinson







Nicholas Robinson
Nicholas Robinson

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