Black baby killed and his father will not snitch on the killers

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Antiq Hennis, one-years-old, was in his baby stroller when he was shot and killed by thugs who were aiming at his father in Brooklyn. According to reports, Antiq was being pushed by his parents when four shoots were fired at the family.

Antiq was shot in the head and his father, Anthony Hennis, was also shot. Antiq was rushed to Brookdale Hospital, but he died shortly after arriving.

Police believe that Antiq’s father, Anthony, was involved in an earlier dispute and the gunmen were seeking retaliation. Anthony has been arrested 20 times in the past.

Police have interviewed Anthony, but he has not answered any of the questions presented by the cops. It’s likely that Anthony has put himself in a position that could lead to more jail time, or he could be seeking to handle the situation on his own.

Police continue to search for the gunmen.

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