Boyfriend of LeBron James’ mother, Lambo, and the biggest male groupies in the game

male groupies, gloria-james-lambo600Now this is funny. While Lebron James’ mother Gloria seems to be in love with an obscure aspiring Miami rapper named Da Real Lambo, Lambo seems to be in love with LeBron James.

male groupies, lebron-lambo-540x519

According to his own social media postings — filled with photo-bomings by getting in between LeBron and Dwyane Wade and pictures of Lambo stunting hard with LeBron’s championship ring — Da Real Lambo is really, really infatuated King James, or at least with what LBJ’s vast international platform can do to for his fledging rap career and overall status.male groupies, da real lambo

This is not a good look. Whatsoever. It strikes of a “desert thirsty” dude — to use Rihanna’s term when she verbally body-slammed NBA star J.R. Smith — who tries extra hard to capitalize on his friendship with a celebrity or ingratiate himself with a cultural icon to boost his own profile. Lambo, coincidentally, has just released a YouTube video to correspond with his new song.

The concept “groupie” transcends gender. It tends to manifest itself in different ways with the sexes, though the word is mostly assigned to “thirsty” women. Both genders tend to, as you see in the Instagram photo above and below, claim things that they haven’t done, to assume a status they have not ascended to, and take ownership of pricey possessions that don’t belong to them (as an example, they are told to go fill up the stars’ luxury whip and he acts like he owns the car while pumping gas).

Many pop culture experts have testified in many stories that, oftentimes, male groupies act worse than their female counterparts

Take a look at some of the biggest male groupies in the game today. 

Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

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