Chris Brown rips Jay Z and the media in interview rant

chris brown and jay

This time, Chris Brown did not use social media to go on a rage-fueled rant. He used the traditional form of media to go volcanic.

The object of Brown’s indignation? The media and Jay Z, mainly how some celebrities get “a pass” on past transgressions, while folks are still throwing “woman beater” in his face even though four years have elapsed and he has repented and been sentenced by the city of Los Angeles.

Jay Z’s adolescent indiscretions included selling drugs and shooting his own brother. But Brown probably should have opted to compare himself with media golden boy Charlie Sheen who, around the time that Breezy was making Rihanna kiss the pavement in Los Angeles, admitted to holding a knife to his wife’s throat and threatening to kill her — and this was after beating her. Not only did Sheen escape unscathed from the episode, he actually became a bigger star.

Take a look at what Breezy had to say about the media and Jay Z in an upcoming exclusive interview with Jet

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