Traveling Amtrak’s northeast corridor even better with free Wi-Fi


No need to stare out the window anymore looking into wooded areas while traveling through nondescript towns you’ve never heard of. Amtrak has now upgraded to free Wi-Fi so passengers can surf the Web while taking a comfortable trip along the northeast corridor. This writer was recently traveling to New York from our nation’s capital and was pretty excited about the scenery. Amtrak’s free Wi-Fi helped me stick to my work schedule, allowing me to send emails and make a necessary hotel reservation at my final destination.

Amtrak made the technological advancement to free Wi-Fi after years of comments from passengers. “Amtrak has definitely scored in my book with the Wi-Fi this year. I will definitely be considering Amtrak for all of my leisure travel now because I’m able to stay connected to everything, which I feel is more important than speediness of arrival in my opinion,” said businessman Josh Stokes, a frequent rider of Amtrak’s Acela Express. Stokes normally travels the Washington, D. C., to Boston route on business. necorey johnson

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