Lori George Billingsley of Coca-Cola on setting goals and the joy of work

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Lori George Billingsley, vice president of community relations for Coca-Cola, has 25 years of public relations experience in developing and implementing breakthrough programs that meet organizational goals, target audience needs and produce results. In her current role, she oversees community giving and engagement for North America. Billingsley received her bachelor’s in public relations at Howard University and her master’s in public communications at American University, both in Washington, D.C. Billingsley is also an ordained minister and published writer.

After speaking at the Congressional Black Conference National Prayer Breakfast, she sat down with rolling out, read what she had to say below. –joi pearson @joiapearson

What inspires you to show up to work every day?

I love the work that I do and I am serious about that, doing community work and engagements is a passion of mine and so it is joy to come to work everyday and it is a joy to work for a global brand as iconic as Coca-Cola.
How did you determine your career path?
My early mentor, Ofield Dukes, [was] a pioneer in the PR arena and one of the first African Americans who did public relations in the country. He told me I had to have a five-year career plan before he’d mentor me. That started the discipline for setting goals and then being able to work the steps that were needed in order to achieve those goals.
How do you set your goals and evaluate your success?
Based on what is it that I would like to do in the next 5 to 10 years and then how to I want to get to those things. I am a Christian, so I believe very strongly that God put each of us here for a purpose. Once you discover your purpose, it helps you to set those goals and be able to measure, achieve and adjust them if you need to because life happens. So you might set off on one course, and then end up doing something different. I have been blessed and fortunate enough to be able to stay true to the path that I wanted to accomplish. I am in my dream job now.
What aretwo books that you have read that have changed your life.
The Bible and Boundaries for Leaders by Dr. Henry Cloud.
Describe the voice of success you hear in head. 
“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”
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