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A-Rod files lawsuit against MLB for ‘framing him’

A-Rod reporters

Three-time American League MVP Alex Rodriguez has filed a lawsuit against Major League Baseball, accusing the franchise of interfering with his contracts, business relationships and allegedly paying off their star witness in an effort to force him out of the league.

According to reports, the Rodriguez suit claims that Selig and other baseball officials set out to “to improperly marshal evidence that they hoped to use to destroy the reputation and career of Alex Rodriguez, one of the most accomplished major league baseball players of all time.”

A-Rod’s legal team argue that MLB is trying to make an example of Rodriguez “so as to gloss over Commissioner Selig’s past inaction and tacit approval of the use of performance enhancing substances in baseball (not to mention his multiple acts of collusion), and in an attempt to secure his legacy as the ‘savior’ of America’s pastime.”

The lawsuit continues to accuse MLB of framing him. “Selig and MLB paid $5 million to Anthony Bosch, the head of the Biogenesis Clinic” the medical facility where Rodriguez allegedly received undetectable steroid injections.

Rodriguez who is a first offender has also filed a grievance to force an appeal. If the case does not settle soon, arbitrator Fredric Horowitz will award a decision this winter. – ruthie hawkins/@ruubabie