Los Cabos airport is a modern money rip-off with price gouging

Los Cabos International Airport vendors (2)

Los Cabos International Airport’s vending is a modern money rip-off machine. If you must shop while in the airport, be prepared to pay a lot for a little. It has the modern feel of a world-class airport but it is not going to deliver. Instead, it will be the last fiscal-draining memory of your trip if your brain is connected to your wallet.

Los Cabos International Airport vendors (3)

The two-hour advance arrival does not benefit you as much as it benefits the merchants. Maybe someone should share with the Los Cabos Airport authority the fact that we expect world-class hospitality and no price gouging. Sbarro charging $8 for a slice of pizza borders on economic rape of a captive audience that includes the elderly and children. Shame on the greedy Los Cabos businessmen and airport authority who think that stealing from and fiscally abusing tourists is economic development.

Los Cabos International Airport vendors (1)

Los Cabos aiport also has other brand-name vendors like Starbucks and Subway so you know they know better given their presence in airports throughout the United States.

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