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Chris Brown mysteriously evaded drug test before entering rehab

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Violent outbursts have been Chris Brown’s bad boy calling card for years and it recently got him in trouble when he was arrested after allegedly attacking a fan in Washington D.C. But could there be an underlying issue that’s spurring Brown’s violent attacks? According to a new report, it’s not just anger management.  It’s his drug use, which he allegedly masked from the court before going to rehab.

Brown entered a rehab program for his anger issues on Tuesday in a proactive effort to avoid a possible parole violation in the case involving his 2009 assault on his ex-girlfriend Rihanna. However, according to RadarOnline, before Brown was released from custody and entered rehab, he was mysteriously able to avoid taking a typical drug test at his arraignment for the assault charge.

In court documents obtained by the site, a drug test was initially ordered by the court but was later removed as a condition for Brown’s release. His two bodyguards, however, were still ordered to take the test.

“I don’t know why [Brown’s test was waived],” Leah Gurowitz, the Director of Governmental and Public Relations for DC Courts tells Radar. “It’s a condition of release. Sometimes it is ordered and sometimes not. But I don’t know if they decided he didn’t need it for whatever reason.”

An insider in the D.C. court system claims that it took high-level maneuvering on Brown’s part to avoid taking the drug test.

“I was told that the government decided not to request drug testing. You might ask the U.S. Attorney’s office why,” said the source.

However, the U.S. Attorney’s Office was forthcoming with any answers on how or why Brown didn’t take the drug test.

“Generally, we don’t comment beyond what we submit to the court. I’m sorry I can’t help you,” said William Miller, the Public Information Officer for the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Well, considering Brown’s well-publicized history of marijuana use, it’s not so hard to believe that a drug test would’ve turned up positive had he taken it. But if that is the case, he’s not the only

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