Angel Haze opens up about being pansexual, a virgin

Angel Haze - 2nd Cover

When it comes to sexuality, most people are used to only thinking in binary terms of gay or straight, and even fewer include the idea of sexuality in that spectrum of sexual expression. But rising female rap star Angel Haze is bucking that trend across the board as she opens up about being pansexual and, to the shock of many, still being a virgin.

In previous interviews, Haze has spoken about being bisexual, but in a new interview with Fusion TV, Angel explains that pansexual, someone who is sexually attracted to or “loves across the spectrum” with anyone of any gender expression or biological sex, is a better term to describe her.

“… If I had to identify, that is the term I’d use to describe how I feel,” said Haze.

The rapper went on to explain that she’s not fond of using labels, but does so only for the sake of others .

“I think that labels aren’t really for me. It’s to make other people feel comfortable., so I don’t really buy into that,” Haze said.

For her, she’s more concerned about building authentic connections with people instead of fitting into a box or basing everything on sex, something which she reveals she’s never had.

“I see people for who they are … I don’t base all of my relationships off of sex. I’m still a virgin … I care about connecting with people on a deeper level … I want something that’s deep-rooted,” she explained.

It’s quite courageous for Haze to open up about her sexuality and her virginity, both of which are certainly not given much at all or any space for discussion in hip-hop or society at large. Hopefully, her interview will open other people’s eyes about pansexuality and other sexual orientations that lie outside of the heterosexual and homosexual spectrum and show that sexual diversity is more common than people think.

Check out some other stars who break gender and sexual norms below. –nicholas robinson

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