Young Jeezy unhappy with Def Jam, threatens to leak new album


You just gotta love Twitter. It gives us a never before look into the minds of our favorite celebrities. It also gives said celebrities a platform to voice whatever is on their mind at any given time, for better or worse.

Take the case of the Snowman, Young Jeezy. He recently took to Twitter to voice his disdain at Def Jam for what he considers to be their mishandling of his as-of-yet untitled new album.

“where @LA_Reid when u need him #RIPShakirStewart”, tweeted Jeezy.

Reid and Stewart are the execs that first signed him to the label in 2005. Stewart died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in 2008, and Reid has gone on to head up Epic Records. Jeezy is not so pleased with current Def Jam president Barry Weiss, saying that he needs to “boss up”.

Jeezy then went on to flatly state “N—as @ @DefJamRecords keep playing games if you want!” and drove his point home in no uncertain terms by threatening “If Def Jam don’t get this right y’all got an early xmas gift #myfans”

We’ll have to wait around and see who wins this particular artist vs. label tug of war. I’d put my money on the Jizzle.

TJ Armour
TJ Armour

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