Ashanti talks being single and keeping her love life private on ‘Bethenny’


Ashanti, who debuted a new look just weeks ago is keeping the momentum going by dishing on her newly single life. The singer along with her Momager, Tina Douglas in tow, recently appeared on “Bethenny” to talk relationships.

After years of denying her relationship with rapper Nelly, Ashanti dishes on being single saying:

“I am happy because there is so much going on and now I can focus on what I need to focus on which is my career, my music and speaking to women very powerfully…. [Relationships are] a distraction. It’s kind of a distraction because it’s like, ‘Where are you? What time are you coming home?’ Alright, but I have to go to studio. Okay, but I’m going to. You know what I mean?”

And about why she’s so super secretive about her dating life:

“I think for me, personally there are certain things that you want to keep to yourself, you give little hints here and there and whatever but being in the public eye you get judged on everything you do so you kind of have to have a little bit to yourself and when you feel comfortable you let little things out as they come out.”


Ashanti seemed so beside herself in her new-found freedom that she was even handing out lap dances. Hit the flip for more photos of Ashanti and her Momager Tina Douglas’ appearance on “Bethenny” below. – ruthie hawkins/@ruubabie

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