Bun B blasts Sen. Ted Cruz for Obamacare opposition


Bun B is one of the godfathers of Houston hip-hop and his perspective carries a lot of weight in the community. The UGK co-founder was recently asked to give his opinion on Houston senator Ted Cruz. Cruz infamously gave a controversial unofficial filibuster of Pres. Barack Obama‘s healthcare program that lasted over 21 hours.

“I think I can speak for most reasonable people when I say that Ted Cruz is an a–hole,” said Bun B in an interview with Complex. “To me, as far as I’m concerned in my position. Very seldom do I really like to get deep into politics cause most people don’t like politics and their entertainment together. Just speaking as an individual that’s a registered voter, gross overuse of power on his part. Sometimes a filibuster is a good thing and sometimes it’s not. But it’s a part of the political process. And I’m sure being on this side of the issue; I feel a certain way the same way that if the party I claimed were to go in to filibuster with people on the other side would feel. It’s just a part of the process.”

Bun B also made it clear that, while he has his frustrations with the political process, he acknowledges that he believes the system can work as long as people don’t become cynical about politics.

“You just have to not let these kind of situations get you disenfranchised about the voting process and the political system in America,” said B. “It doesn’t always work for you, but it works. It gets us by. You could be living in a lot worst countries than America. You could be in Canada with the crack mayor.”

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