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Music » Ricky Martin shares his fantasy wedding destination

Ricky Martin shares his fantasy wedding destination

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With same-sex marriage becoming legal at such and increasing rate all across the globe, LGBT people all over the world are finally have a growing array — and one day a full world — of places to get married. When it comes to openly gay superstar singer Ricky Martin, he has a few places in mind if he ever decided to tie the knot with his longtime partner, Carlos Gonzalez.

In a recent interview with EFE while in Madrid, Martin talked about gaining citizenship in Spain two years ago and explained that the European country would be the perfect place to wed his Boricua beau.

“If I were going to marry, I’d love to do it in Spain – there are some spectacular settings for having a great formal wedding,” he said.

Martin, born Enrique Martin Morales, explained that he got his Spanish citizenship in an effort to his reclaim his Spanish blood through his two family names and through the Arizmendi line from his Basque grandmother.

“We’re all over the peninsula,” the singer joked, adding that “any excuse is good enough to spend time in Spain.”

“I had to come back here to give my kids the answer to who we are and where we come from,” he added about his two children.

Ricky Martin & Family

Although Martin is focused on learning about his cultural history, he’s also not letting go of his roots of his homeland of Puerto Rico, where he previously said he’d like to marry if the island legalized same-sex marriage.

“I would get married,” he told Larry King in 2010, after coming out. “There are many countries around the world where same-sex marriage is a right. We can go to Spain or Argentina and get married. But why do we have to go somewhere else? Why can’t I do it in my country where the laws are — you know, protecting me?”

Well, we’ll have to wait and see just where Martin ties the knot, but we’re sure wherever he does it, it will be in a beautiful location to match the wedding.

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