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Turntable Tuesdays: DJ Meta Smith, aka Mixtress Meta

meta smith

DJ Meta Smith, aka Mixtress Meta isn’t just some pretty model turned DJ. Having began spinning over 10 years ago under the tutelage of her childhood friend, the legendary DJ Mark Fuller, and honing her skills at Chicago venues such as Cinnibar, Jet, and Boutique to name a few, Meta has become one of the the most sought-after DJs in the industry.

Meta’s sophisticated and versatile style blends deep house, dance, reggae, R&B, hip-hop and pop into a sexy musical montage that instantly seduces a crowd. She has had the opportunity to rock the one’s and two’s with other well known DJ’s like Vince Adams and Wayne Williams. Smith has also moved crowds of thousands at such high-profile gigs as the LeBron James’ More Than a Game movie tour, and the Nike House of Hoops opening in Chicago,

In addition to being a talented turntable diva, Smith is also an accomplished author and journalist who has penned six novels for major publishing houses, including a collaboration with 50 Cent for G-Unit books.

Here are Smith’s five favorite holiday songs


1. DJ Laz – “Mi Burrito Sabanero”

It doesn’t feel like Christmas until I hear this song. Anyone who has lived in Miami is familiar with this song that gets played from the beginning of November through the first week of January for 3 Kings Day. I don’t think Christmas carols are supposed to make you want to twerk but this one does and I’m not ashamed to admit it.


2. James Brown – “Santa Claus Go Straight to the Ghetto”

How can you not love this song? And what makes it even more dope is that when James Brown released it he dressed up like Santa Claus and handed out 3,000 gift certificates for free Christmas dinners to people in the ‘hood in New York.

run dmc

3. Run-D.M.C. – “Christmas in Hollis”

The horns coupled with Jam Master Jay’s turntable skills make this song a must to bump at any holiday party. It goes perfect with Mama’s chicken and collard greens too.


4. Prince – “Another Lonely Christmas”

It’s probably the most depressing Christmas song ever made. But it’s Prince, so it’s the best song about a girlfriend dying on Christmas ever made. Listen with caution though. I had to shovel snow one Christmas and this song came on my headphones and I started bawling uncontrollably.


5. Eartha Kitt – “Santa Baby”

Pure materialism served up oh so sweetly by Miss Eartha. I’d be happy with anything on her list. Santa baby, can you hook a sista up?

quad city

Honorable mention: Quad City DJ’s & 69 Boyz – “What you want for Christmas?”

It’s ratchet and catchy. Turn up! Or just listen and enjoy.

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