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Holiday tips for flawless foundation

iman hamilton flawless foundation

Photo by Beverli Alford

Do you want a flawless look for everyday wear, night out with the girls, or a glamorous look for that special someone? Well, you can achieve a flawless look just by starting with the perfect foundation. Foundation application is not only about starting with a good foundation, but it is also about having great skin underneath your makeup.

Clean skin every night using a facial cleanser of your choice.

Cleaning your face every night may seem like an obvious step. However, numerous women do not take off their makeup before going to bed, simply because they are too tired. When done properly, removing makeup can be a grueling and tedious process. When you fail to clean your skin properly by removing your makeup, you risk bacterial growth on you skin. We all know what this can lead to…zits. Daily cleansing of your skinremoves your foundation, removes excessive oil and dirt, and helps to unclog pores. It is imperative that you also develop an exfoliation routine. This will help to deep clean your pores and gradually improve the texture of your skin. Once your face is refreshed and clean, your skin will be able to breath and effectively replenish itself over night.


Using a toner after your face is cleaned and refreshed is also important to your daily cleansing regiment. Toner application is crucial because it helps to soothe and close the pores. The use of a toner is also effective in getting rid of extra makeup or dirt that the cleanser did not remove.


Now ladies, a good moisturizer is the second mostimportant thing to achieve a flawless foundation look.Moisturizer helps to replenish the skin by rehydrating the skin of moisture lost while cleansing. There are different types of moisturizers for different skin types. It is best to apply a high quality moisturizer after you have washed your face and before going to bed. This allows your face to rehydrate over night. When you wake up in the morning clean your face, and apply alight moisturizer that is not oily. This will help your skin to retain a little more moisture for your foundation application.


Many may say that the primer is the basis of a flawless foundation look. I have to agree with this statement. The main usage of primer is to create an actual base for your foundation. Primers are usually silicon based and it gives your face a smooth, silky yet matte look. There are primers for oily skin, dry skin or combination skin. It is best to use a primer that is compatible with your specific skin type. Primers help to keep your makeup on throughout the day and it will prevent your skin from becoming oily. This magical product is necessary for a flawless foundation look.

Skin Type

Knowing your correct skin type will help you pick the correct foundation for your skin. There are three different skin types: oily, dry, and combination. Oily skin is when the pores in your face release its natural oils, which can leave an unpleasant appearance to your skin. Oily skin may increase your chances of developing acne. Dry skin is created when your face has been stripped of all its natural oils and there are no longer any oils to replenish the skin. Combination skin is when your face is both oily and dry at the same time. There are products on the market that are specifically created for all three skin types. It is best that you pay attention to your skin to find out your correct skin type and the products that best works for you.

Correct Foundation Color

The most important thing to recognize when wanting to achieve a flawless foundation look is to know your skin tone. Foundation color is more than just picking a shade that is an obvious match to your natural skin tone. As women of all different tones and colors, it is important that our foundation matches our skin perfectly. When picking a correct foundation color, it is important to recognize your undertones. Undertones are classified as a subdued color, a color modified by an underlying color. Once the correct color for your foundation is applied, you are on your way to having a perfectly flawless face.

Iman Hamilton is a native of New Orleans, university student, model and make up artist. She is a self- taught entrepreneur with innate talent and a bright future.

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  1. BlendedBeaute on December 30, 2013 at 9:37 am

    Great article. The makeup for this picture should be credited to Shauné Hayes.