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President Obama’s gay pot dealer was murdered


The life of being the drug dealer for the “Choom Gang” was not a good one. According to an investigation by British news agency Mailonline, Obama’s pot dealer Raymond “Gay Ray” Boyer was beaten to death in 1986. The murder was committed by Boyer’s gay prostitute lover Andrew Devere with a claw toothed hammer. According to the interview with the news agency Boyer enjoyed humiliating Devere with frequency. Devere claims that Boyer would break wind in his face, make me beg for drugs and abuse him. Finally on New Year’s Day in 1986 Devere took action that resulted in the death of his abusive lover. Boyer, according to Devere, was killing a friend by supplying him with drugs and after a public humiliation he killed Boyer. Devere confessed to the crime and was served time in prison. He was released in 2007 and moved from Hawaii to the mainland.

Boyer was well known by then ‘Barry’ Obama and his circle of private school friends. Obama has stated that marijuana was no more harmful than alcohol and has been very open about his past drug use.  But the story of Boyer’s life and death reveal a seamy underside of drug usage. The times Obama grew up in as a youth were far different than the realities of today’s youth. These new revelations regarding Obama’s past associates and their lives a sure to be used against the President by the right wing.

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