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Culture » Suspicious Prisms + FEARLESS creative work by Adrian Franks

Suspicious Prisms + FEARLESS creative work by Adrian Franks

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Painter and digital artist Adrian Franks presented a series of creative works through his first solo project Suspicious Prisms + FEARLESS. The entire body of work is compromised of both paint and digital images on everything from canvas to Masonite pegboard. On Saturday, February 1 Suspicious Prisms + FEARLESS made its debut at the Sweet Lorraine Gallery in Brooklyn.

Franks described the process of creating the series:

“When I started the FEARLESS series, my main goal was to highlight people who embodied what it means to be brave, bold and strong… a true hero and a champion for all people. Whether they were sacrificing for what is right or dream chasing. I wanted the series to showcase what made these individuals truly vivid.”

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The concept Suspicious Prisms + FEARLESS was inspired by his wife, Nicole. She requested a silhouette portrait and as he worked on the painting he was inspired by her accomplishments. Franks then recruited individuals who were” bold and fearlessly fulfilling their dreams”

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In addition to the portraits of the bold and fearless, Franks pays tribute to Brooklyn and hip-hop  with odes to Biggie.

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There is a clear social component with each of the multimedia pieces.  Green and orange images of Jonathan Ferrell a student athlete at Florida A&M University who was unarmed, shot and killed by a police officer while he was seeking help after being in a car accident.

Franks incorporated digital images of Arizona Iced Tea, gun props and color dots symbolizing target shooting holes signaling the Trayvon Martin.

Franks’ series is a beautiful translation of frustration and outrage.


  1. Black Culinary History on February 5, 2014 at 3:51 pm

    Adrian Franks is the TRUTH!!! such a talented brother with so much to say with his art!! Our generation’s most brilliant artist in my opinion!!

  2. afranks3 on February 5, 2014 at 3:54 pm

    Thanks for the column fam. My only issue is that my roots are in Atlanta/Decatur GA. Thats my roots.