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You’ll never believe who has beef with Nicki Minaj now


First Kanye, now Nicki Minaj.

If you are a internationally known rapper, it just doesn’t pay to hop on a local rapper’s song and give them shine these days.

When Nicki Minaj recently released her own version of Pretty and Taking All Fades’ viral hit “Boss A– B—h”, it gave the song new life. PTAF uploaded the song to SoundCloud and YouTube over a year ago, and though it has gone on to amass more than 11 million YouTube views, it wasn’t until Minaj dropped her freestyle version of it at the end of 2013 that the group garnered enough attention to sign a deal with Capitol Records. You would think they’d be beating down her door to thank her, but no.

They’ve accused her of jacking their swag. They even used social media to try to discredit Nicki regarding her freestyle, despite the fact that Nicki stands to make no money from her version (it’s a mixtape track, and PTAF has the song registered with BMI publishing) and has even shouted them out and congratulated them via her instagram page.

This incident is very reminiscent of when Kanye made his own version of Chief Keef’s street anthem “Don’t Like” and Keef took exception to it. Recent reports say Kanye and Keef are currently in the studio working on new music so maybe there’s hope for Nicki and PTAF after all.

Check out both versions of the song  “Boss A– B—h” below and see which you like better

PTAF’s original version.

Nicki Minaj’s freestyle remix version.