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Derek Jeter’s famous lovers and girlfriends over the years

derek-jeterDerek Jeter, who just announced his retirement from the New York Yankees after 20 years and five World Series championships, is undoubtedly a sure-fire, first-ballot Hall of Famer who attained world renown for his fearlessness and extreme clutch play in the most pressurized situations.

Jeter was also linked to a bevy of hall of fame-caliber beauties during his tenure in the Bronx. In fact, among the New York tabloids, Jeter’s dalliances with dames made as many headlines as his head-first dives into the stands to catch fly balls.

jeter vida guerra

As we prepare to close the book on Jeter’s remarkable career in 2014, we recount the A-list entertainers, musicians, actresses and models who were linked to the Yankee legend.

jeter lara dutta

Lara Dutta

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