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The blue bikini stunner, part 1: An overview

In fashion photography, capturing the perfect shot, especially for beach bikini shoots, is an art. The task becomes even more exhilarating when you have a

Meet Drake’s alleged new girlfriend

Who is this beauty in Drake’s life that’s burning up the internet? Drake was captured on camera at Toronto’s Cafe Nervosa with a voluptuous vixen

Salma Hayek goes topless; sexiest topless celebrity moments on Instagram

In a sexy photo spread published in “Allure” magazine, 48-year-old Salma Hayek clutches her bare breasts with her hands. But, the Mexican beauty bared more than the physical. Hayek spoke about the wisdom that comes with age (read:men) and even revealed the worst beauty advice she’s ever received.

Rihanna sizzles in a bright yellow bikini

Rihanna hits the poolside in style! The bejeweled svelte star served onlookers body adornment by jeweler Jacquie Aiche and yellow bikini Charlie by MZ. And

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