Rick Ross responds to 50 Cent’s gay taunts


After first electing to simply ignore 50 Cent’s Instagram post insinuating that he, P. Diddy and Steve Stoute were all gay, Rick Ross went ahead and threw a couple shots back in 50’s direction during a recent interview at Chicago’s WGCI-FM.

Last week, 50 posted and then quickly deleted the following to his Instagram :


Originally refusing to comment on it by simply calling 50 “irrelevant,” Rozay took the opportunity of talking with “The Morning Riot” radio show to expound upon his “irrelevant” remark.

“I feel like this culture is a stadium and if we was [sic] in the stadium, I point up at the scoreboard. We winning [sic]. We winning [sic]. I ain’t got time for that. We winning [sic],” Ross said.

It should be noted that on Ross’ new album, Mastermind, that is set to debut at No. 1 on next week’s Billboard charts, Ross throws out a barb that could be considered a diss to 50. On the song “Rich Is Gangsta” Ross says “For me to move forward from here on I need 50. I ain’t talking 50 Cent neither n—a, ha ha.”

As is common knowledge, these two heavyweight titans had an ongoing feud a few years ago that included music, parody videos, and even the mother of both rappers’ children.

Only time will tell if this latest back-and-forth is enough to kick this rivalry back into full swing.

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