Lil Wayne reveals why he won’t battle Kendrick Lamar


While in Austin, Tex., for SXSW, Lil Wayne sat down with Elliot Wilson to discuss the past, present and future of his rap career. During the interview, Lil Wayne revealed how he almost signed with Jay Z and why he would never challenge Kendrick Lamar to a rap battle.

On how he almost left Cash Money to sign with Jay Z:

“Jay Z expressed interest and, you know me, I was letting him know I was a super fanatic. I was on the first thing smoking. So I went over there and we met. I met with Jay, but  history turned out to be what history is.”

On battling Jay Z on songs such as “It’s Good”:

“That’s like being on the basketball court. It’s like if you’re on the basketball court and you make a shot on somebody, it’s like ‘in your face’ that’s nothing more or less.”

On why he’s not interested in battling Kendrick Lamar:

“When you hear an older athlete talk about the game, some of them keep it real and let you know like ‘man I can’t get out there with these young boys.’ So that’s how I look at it now. When I hear a Kendrick Lamar verse, I’m like ‘aw man, I’m tired of this man’ [laughs]. I’m not about to jump out here saying ‘I’m the best.’  I don’t need anybody coming at my neck.”

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