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Crooked grandmother nabbed at school function

Theresa Sayles
Theresa Sayles

It’s bad enough as a kid dealing with the daily peer pressure and teasing, but when your grandmother  gets busted for stealing in school, it’s going to get worse.

During a parent-teacher night at Marley Elementary School, Theresa Sayles, 49, left the group briefly. She ducked into a classroom and stole a teacher’s billfold from her purse. She was caught in the classroom by the teacher but played it off at first. Then the teacher checked her belongings and noticed that her billfold was gone.

Sayles went back to the program in the school cafeteria and the teacher observed her going through the stolen billfold, removing money and throwing the billfold in the trash. The teacher called police and the staff prevented the thieving grandmother from leaving. Sayles was arrested for  theft and disrupting the operation of a school, and is being held on a $5,000 bail.

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