Homeless woman arrested for leaving kids in car during job interview

shanesha taylorA homeless mother in suburban Phoenix was arrested and had her children taken from her after police discovered her two kids, aged two and six months, locked in a car at an office complex, while she was inside for an interview.

Scottsdale, Ariz., police said a witness reported a child crying from inside a Dodge Durango parked at an office complex on March 20. Police said that Shanesha Taylor’s two children were left alone in the car with the engine off and the windows slightly cracked. The car was left parked in the sun and all the doors were closed.

AZFamily reports that the kids had already been in the car for at least thirty minutes when police arrived. Police report that Taylor, 35, returned from her job interview about 45 minutes after officers came to the scene and told police that she didn’t have anyone else to care for the kids while she was on an interview at an insurance company.

“She was upset. This is a sad situation all around. She said she was homeless. She needed the job,” Scottsdale police sergeant Mark Clark told KPHO.

Taylor is being charged with two felony counts of child abuse. She remains in jail and her children have been put in the custody of Child Protective Services.

Taylor’s arrest has pulled at heartstrings and ignited an online fundraising drive to help with her legal expenses. By Friday, Taylor had more than 975 supporters, and had raised more than $27,000 — three times more than the initial $9,000 goal.

The fundraising site acknowledges that Taylor made a “terrible mistake” but notes that Taylor was trying to make a better life for her family.

“There are a lot of us who feel she was just a victim to what an economy like this is putting struggling families through,” Amanda Bishop, who organized the fundraiser, told KMGH.

Taylor can’t seem to win for losing. Some people condemned the mother because she left her children in the car, but are also the same kind of people who would denounce her if she stayed at home and subsisted on welfare benefits.

As for the felony charges? While Taylor acknowledges that she made a poor decision; does the punishment fit the crime in this case?

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  • kelly
    March 31, 2014

    this is really sad , im riding with the mother , i know what people are say they are saying neglegent is negligent they are thinking those kids would be dead if she stayed any longer that the 3o min it took cops to arrive , people are mean, cause this lady is strugglin to even feed those kids , how can a mother do it with no help ..where is the family her mom , you cant just leave them with any old body either , they are young and if anything had happen with the wrong sitter she would still be at fault , this is real sad , she seems to be just heart broken ,but that money will help her regroup ,and get tthem back , i read some stuff on this site , parents doing worst that that .. REMEMBER THE MAN WHO PUTTHE BABY IN THE FREEEZER , OR WHAT ABOUT THE MOTHER WHO PUT THE BABY IN THE MICROWAVE , HOW COULD ANYONE HURT GODS MOST INNOCENT OF CREATURES .. CHILDREN , I MEAN IT TAKES A EVIL HEART TO DO THAT , I DONT THINK SHE MEANT TO HURT THE KIDS .. SHE WAS JUST A TRAIN WRECK WHO , IS JUST ON HARD TIMES … I DONT KNOW OF HER PASS THOUGH HAS SHE BEEN IN THE SYSTEM BEFORE /?

  • Julana Briones
    April 1, 2014

    Heartbreaking! The woman was desperate to provide for her children. I wish there were more services and resources to help the homeless.

  • Jeff Mason
    April 2, 2014

    Why does she have young children if shes unable to support them? Just another irresponsible lowlife. Bet she also voted for Obama

  • Visions
    April 2, 2014

    Do people really understand the struggles that can occur raising children? I know a wealthy family whose child died at eleven due to a rare kidney disease. The husband was a doctor. She said no amount of money could save him or bring him back. Its not about politics, wealth, position, or power when raising children. Its about staying the course. Doing whatever it takes to hopefully get them to a positive future. The sadness for this woman was her limitations to get help for child care while getting employment. Is it better to take her children for her efforts, locking her up, thus separating her family? Still her children are left with strangers, which she was trying to avoid. Maybe if the father or his family were available and it was safe for all, that resource might have worked. All things work together for good… Looks like she’ll get the financial help she needs.

  • soisaid
    April 3, 2014

    just wondering how many times they are going to post this story… this is the 3rd and same article so far….ijs

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