Richard Sherman blasts Eagles and NFL for condemning black players, helping white ones

richard sherman

Superstar NFL cornerback Richard Sherman tore into the Philadelphia Eagles and the NFL with righteous indignation over the sleezy, dastardly way the Eagles cut electric but malcontent wide receiver (and fellow South Los Angeles native) DeSean Jackson, but kept racist receiver Riley Cooper, whose racially-charged invectives last year detonated their locker room.

Philly cut ties with Jackson despite the fact that he had experienced the most productive season of his NFL career because he bumped heads with second-year head coach Chip Kelly. However, the team did not exile another receiver, Riley Cooper, a Caucasian teammate who was caught on tape saying he would beat “every n—– in here” after a security guard denied him backstage access at a concert. In fact, Cooper was scarcely fined nor was he punished administratively for blowing up the sanctity of the locker room with that racial epithet.

Sherman’s scorching stream of consciousness, which indicts both the NFL and the Eagles organization, carries extra validity because he is a Super Bowl winner, an All-Pro defensive back and especially because he was nearly a 4.0 graduate of elite Stanford University. He reserved his ire for the leadership within the NFL who he believes go extra hard to reform white personnel (like alcoholic drug addict Jim Irsay, owner of the Indianapolis Colts) while condemning black players and personnel with harsh penalties. Take a look at what he had to say, according to Sports Illustrated:

I’m not going to tell you that DeSean Jackson isn’t in a gang, because I can’t say unequivocally that he isn’t. I can’t tell you whether his friends have done the things police have accused them of doing, because I wasn’t there. I can’t tell you what DeSean does with his time, because we play football on opposite ends of the country. I can only tell you that I believe him to be a good person, and if you think, say or write otherwise without knowing the man, you’re in the wrong.

And if it’s true the Eagles terminated his contract in part because they grew afraid of his alleged “gang ties,” then they did something worse. [Editor’s note: Jackson has agreed to terms with the Redskins.]

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