Steve Ewing of Wade Ford, first African American to own the dealership

Steve Ewing

Steve Ewing is the president and CEO of Wade Ford dealership on Cobb Drive in Smyrna, Ga. Ewing worked his way up from a Chevrolet car salesman to dealership owner and to his current role as president of Wade Ford, a fully operational dealership and body shop. Ewing is more than the dealership’s president. He is the first African American to acquire the franchise in its 80-year history.

Wade Ford dealership was the first Motor Trend Certified dealership, which ensures buyers of previously owned Ford vehicles that they are fully inspected and under a new warranty. The adoption of this program, which  includes the entire fleet of Ford vehicles, perpetuates the Ford mission of providing reliable vehicles to all families.

In recognition of his service and commitment to Ford Motors and the Wade dealership, Steve Ewing was honored for continuously transforming and improving on the 81-year-old Wade Ford brand.

His father, Scott Ewing, who works with his son at the Wade Ford dealership, candidly spoke of his son and the pride he felt for his son’s accomplishments. Scott gushed that “[Scott] personifies all the beautiful things one could ask for in a son.”

Expressing his gratitude, Ewing stated, “Getting the opportunity to work for such a great company has changed my life.”

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