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T.I. and Game involved in a standoff with LAPD

Hip-hop stars T.I. and Game were involved in a standoff with the Los Angeles Police Department in the early hours of April 30. According to TMZ, the two rappers were with a group of men who were involved in an altercation that also involved security at a popular L.A. nightspot.

Reportedly, the men — who are described as “mutual acquaintances” of both rappers — were not allowed into Supperclub in L.A. The men began to argue with security, and a fight ensued. One man punched a security officer. The remaining security for Supperclub then proceeded to beat two men that were a part of the larger group. There is video footage of one of the men being kicked in the face.

According to TMZ, the LAPD was present at the club and there were off-duty officers also present, but it isn’t believed that they were actively involved in the fight. Nonetheless, T.I. and Game were seen heading into the parking lot of the club and believed that the LAPD had actually beaten up the two men. They then got into a heated exchange with the LAPD on the premises and a standoff ensued.

No further violence ensued, however. The two injured men were taken to LAPD’s Hollywood precinct but no charges were filed.