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Clem Maddox launches new book, ‘Nesselorette: The Book’


For the past twenty years, Clem Maddox has been working in the telecommunications and cable industry and has gained prominence as an effective business leader.  His love for writing was first given birth in high school when he wrote his first series of poems.  Since that time Maddox has gone on to write more than 500 poems which later grew into commercial jingle writing and writing lyrics for many of his favorite jazz artists.  Maddox embarked on novel writing in 2012 and has written 13 fiction novels.  His first published novel is entitled Nesselorette-The Book.

Clem along with his wife Beverly, recently hosted a book launch and signing event at the Dallas Black Dance Theater. Guests were greeted with live music and light bites which included an amazing potato bar. A performance was also provided by two members of the Dallas Black Dance Theater troop. Maddox later received a proclamation and shared thoughts of his journey to becoming an author.

After signing lots of books Maddox sat down to chat with rolling out. Read what he says about his journey and what’s next.

What inspired you to write this book?
Prior to writing Nesselorette, I had written seven other manuscripts each with a distinct story line. While science fiction was the subject matter of the other seven manuscripts, I wanted something different.

Nesselorette is an interesting title for a book. How did you determine this as your title?
I saw the name Nesselorette which I had never seen before and the name conjured up a vision of a special girl. The image I had in my mind was a young lady living in New York. The story line was developed from a vision of her being abandoned as a baby and trapped in the foster care system.

What is the central theme of the book?
The book is about a Creole woman that has been trying to find a stolen treasure of the royal family“De Broglie” for more than 100 years. The Creole woman cast a spell on her sister one hundred years before vowing that any female born from her linage would die at child birth. The curse was thwarted by hiding the location of the stolen treasure within the birthmark image burned on the side of her sister’s head by a woman known as the “Healer.” The birthmark would only appear on the birth of a female child.  The birthmark would reveal the location of the stolen treasure. Nesselorette was the first female descendant born after the 100 year curse was cast.  You will have to read the rest in the book and watch the story unfold.

The subject matter is quite intriguing. Is there a particular message that you are trying to convey or is this book all about fantasy? Yes, it is a fiction novel but there is a message in the story. Life is a journey and often people fail because of their lack of commitment and dedication. The book conveys a young lady following the instructions left by her dying mother to never allow the book to be out her possession until she learned the history of her family’s heritage; which will reveal her true identity as queen of a country. Additionally the constant struggle between good and evil is always a prevailing reality.


How did you approach the process as a writer? What vision did you have?
I consider myself a very unique writer. I am able to write several books during the same time period because the book’s vision and story line continue to play out in my mind. Currently I am writing two new manuscripts and while each story is very unique, the visions of each book plays out in my mind like watching a movie.

How long did it take you to finish Nesselorette?
Given that I began writing my first novels in 2012 and have written 13 books, it only took me six weeks to write Nesselorette.

Do you have any other books in store?
Yes, twelve other books that one can read the “preface” of each book on my website

What message would you like to impart to readers?
While there is a mammoth amount of books and other reading materials that covers self-help, how to, where to, biographies and other reading formats, traditional book reading is becoming a lost choice. Every now and then people should pick up a good traditional book and read.

Who are your literary heroes?
Walter Mosley! I have read every one of his books. My other literary hero and shero are Steve Connell and Barbara Neely.

If you could bring only 3 books to a desert island which would you choose?
Nesselorette-The Book,  Blanche Cleans Up, by Barbara Neely and The World is Flat, by Thomas Friedman; and of course I cannot leave out Walter Mosley, Bad Boy Brawly Brown.

What advice can you give to aspiring writers?
It is not having a lengthy book, but more importantly having a great story that enables the reader to fight putting your book down

You can pick up your copy at Amazon or Barnes and Noble and go to for more information.

Check out photos from the event in the gallery below. Photos courtesy of Remember the Moment Photograpy- Grand Diva. Follow me on Twitter @cewalk28.

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