Alphonso Whitfield, CEO, Vital Portal: Customized IT solutions

Alphonso Whitfield, CEO, Vital Portal
Alphonso Whitfield, CEO, Vital Portal

Vital Portal is a company is dedicated to helping small, medium and enterprise organizations in the private and public sector. We spoke with CEO Alphonso Whitfield III, about his tech company, Vital Portal.

What is Vital Portal?

The Vital Portal has three primary product portfolios:

  • The Vital Toolbox,
  • Vital Advisors and,
  • Vital I-Net.

The Vital Toolbox is a set of customized, planning, decision making, financial analysis, collaboration and marketing tools customers can purchase on a subscription basis within the Vital Portal . The Vital Toolbox gives you an online solution you can plug into your existing operations quickly.

Vital Advisors are the “People Power” of the Internet cloud. There are three critical elements to every venture, either for-profit or nonprofit, the people, the asset, and the organization. Vital Advisors are the people that manage the assets and the organization.

Vital I-Net Services are a portfolio of embedded proprietary and third party platforms strategically aligned with the Vital Portal.

Please describe your role as CEO.

 My role is to provide an overall vision, lead product and service development, and establish strategic partnerships.

What is the mission of your organization?

Our mission is to provide firms of all sizes with a scalable technology based platform of hardware and software they can use to build their businesses.

How do you approach business challenges?

We do not a have a formula or defined approach when facing a challenge. We do use a set of fundamental tools, such as, listening, observing, questioning, and doing our best to learn the business of the customer, and then set forth a series of options  that could be best way to help the customer based on our collective experience. What works for one organization will not work for another. We propose several options and seek the customers buy in and to try and not fear failure. While at the same time, [we] execute the process quickly, efficiently and cost effectively to reach the right solution for the customer.

How do you evaluate talent you are hiring and what are the skills that you are looking for in this marketplace? 

We give folks a small part of project to work on and if we like their work we keep them on the project.

What are the top 3 benefits to being a member of your organization?

  1. Flexibility
  2. Entrepreneurial environment
  3. No  limit on compensation or responsibility

How do you utilize technology to give yourself business advantages?

It is  our non-technology based analytical skills that give us our competitive advantage in the technology market segments.

What technological advances have you used to communicate with your membership?

– Social media

–   Platform as a service business model

–   Virtualization

What are three most important business organizational processes and documents used to become a member?

– Marketing plan

– Financial forecast

– Product and or service description

What are the two key factors for business successes?

 You must no fear of success.

You must never give up if at first you do not succeed.

Name your three favorite business books for insight and inspiration?

 Michael Porter- Competitive Strategy

Michael Porter –Competitive Advantage

Sun Tzu-The Art of War

If you were giving a speech about skill sets needed  in the future to remain relevant to 500 workers at a retraining seminar what would the of  title of your  speech be and why?

Title : Why Stop Know?

The core of the speech would be about the need to learn something new every day and to think about how you can apply what you have learned to your life, within the context of your life at work or your life with your family and friends.

Describe you leadership style.

I see myself as a manager of a baseball team. This means I must build a bond with a group of individuals.  [I must] Identify and maximize the contribution of their different skill sets, personalities and styles, while getting them to work together toward one goal, and reward them for their contribution.

If you would like to speak with a Vital Advisor please call us at 912-816-2595.

Visit us at: The Vital Portal
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