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B.G. could be released from prison later this year, says Turk

Former Hot Boys member and Cash Money Records star B.G. was sentenced to 14 years in federal prison back in 2012 for gun possession and witness tampering, but his old bandmate Turk said in a recent interview that B.G. could be coming home very early — as early as this year.

“Me and B.G. talk all the time … I could get on the phone with him right now through my phone and get on email and we could correspond,” Turk told Mikey T the Movie Star. “That’s a great thing about the communication process that they got. Actually, one of our homeboys just died and I sent him an email. I gotta check in and see what he said about it.”

“B.G., he be [sic] home in a minute,” Turk added. “He fighting. He keeping his faith in God. He in court right now on appeal so y’all keep them prayers up. Y’all already know B.G. the realest. ‘Til he hit the streets, man, Imma hold him down.”

Turk himself was in a similar predicament as B.G. during his own incarceration.

“I had 22 years, so I gave 12 years back on an appeal,” he said. “Not no snitching. He ain’t coming home on no snitch pass. When he come home, he done [sic] fought and found a loophole in the law. Which they gave him more time than they were supposed to give him anyway. I’m looking forward to B.G. [being] home. It could be this year, it could be first thing next year. But he be home, for sure. Y’all gonna be shocked that he is. We gon’ rip these streets up like we been doing. The real. You heard me?”

Turk also spoke about his relationship with Lil Boosie, who came home from prison in March.

“Yeah, Boosie my homeboy,” he said. “I got his direct number. I don’t talk through no middleman, none of that. I don’t believe in that. I feel like if anybody give me a middleman it ain’t for me to talk to you. Boosie was real.

“I got on the phone with Boosie, probably two or three days [after] he came home. Boosie working right now. I sent him a record. Waiting on him to deliver on that. If it make it in time it’ll be on my album. If not, just be looking for music from me and Boosie. A lot of people compare me and Boosie and say we sound alike. I guess it’s because our accent, we from Louisiana. I believe we came from the same type of struggle. We just keep it one thousand. Keep it real. We done really been through these things that we talk about. Boosie’s my homeboy. Ain’t nothing gon’ change that, man.”

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  1. Alfred pinkney on January 19, 2015 at 12:21 pm

    Bg will com home an tha is my favorite rapper bc he keeps it 100,000 with his people but he dnt mess with everybody an anybody. Hes a man tha stick to the (CODE) (NO RATTIN) AN THAT’S HOW IT GOTTA BE. ONLY THREE WORDS TO TELL THEM PEOPLE (I DNT KNO) MY PRAYERS GO OUT TO U BG KEEP UR HEAD UP AN KEEP PUSHING GOD GOT U KEEP UR FAITH