‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ episode 7 best moments

Deb, Waka & Tammy Talk Kayo's Suicide

Waka And Deb Grieve KayO’s Death

At Waka’s family home, he, Deb and Tammy sit together as they mourn the recent suicide of Waka’s brother, KayO. Deb explains that KayO was suffering emotionally over the growing loss of his sight, his feelings of inadequacy, and the cyber bullying that was plaguing his family. Deb says that KayO jokingly said his funeral would be soon but no one imagined that he would commit suicide. Waka struggles in dealing with death and walks out of the room, not wanting to hear anything else about his brother. Tammy tries to be strong with Deb but after a loud boom of thunder from a storm outside makes her jump, she walks off as well with Deb saying the thunder is a sign from KayO.

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