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National Black & Latino Council launches New York chapter


The National Black and Latino Council is proud to announce the launch of its New York City Chapter which will be under the leadership of Jaime David Ortiz and Alvin Hartley.

Dan Vargas, chairman of the NBLC shares, “This is a notable and natural milestone, and a sign of the NBLC’s growing national influence. New York City is a global city and a cradle of multicultural collaboration since the birth of the nation.”

Strategically positioned in regions with strong representations of Latinos and African American owned businesses, the NBLC now has over 2,000 members in four states and territories. The New York City chapter becomes the NBLC’s fourth chapter, following Atlanta, Washington, D.C., and San Juan, Puerto Rico. In these markets, professionals have exhibited a desire to apply collaborative business building initiatives of the NBLC in a manner specifically tailored the local market.

“The NBLC brings to New York a unique opportunity to impact the Latino and African American communities through business building and connectivity that’s unmatched. I’m honored and excited to lead this effort in my city,” Ortiz, president of the New York City Chapter of the NBLC tells media.