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Sheree Fletcher opens up about Willow Smith controversy

Sheree & Willow Cover

Ever since the Willow Smith debacle begin over her infamous photo with older shirtless actor Moises Arias, fans and news sites have been trying to find out how the immediate Smith family feels about the controversy. Although the family has remained relatively silent on the matter, sans Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith’s ex-wife, Sheree Fletcher, recently gave her opinion on the matter of Willow and the Smith’s parenting style.

Fletcher discussed the issue in a recent interview with and explained that she learned about the photo from gossip site TMZ.

“It’s so funny because TMZ showed me the photo, I hadn’t seen it. When I saw the photo I was like ‘OMG, that’s Moises, that’s like her brother,’” Fletcher said.

The “Hollywood Exes” star explains that she understands why fans would be suspicious of the photo given that they don’t know the context of the image or how the Smith household is run, but she assures that there’s nothing dangerous about Willow’s relationship with Arias or the way Will and Jada parent their kids, including her son with Will, Trey.

“He’s another part of the family, he’s been around for years and years. I can see how the perception would be a little whoa, but that’s family,” said Fletcher.

Well, Child Protective Services already concluded that the Smiths are fit parents and that Willow is in no danger, but it’s good to see that same sentiment expressed by someone in the family. – nicholas robinson


  1. lou on June 13, 2014 at 11:22 am

    bullshit! willow is a loose cannon its just a matter of time before we all realize we were right shes young will and jada better put her in a private school til college hollywood is not for all kids joanne crawford kept her kids away till they were adults, because she didnt want the embarrassment. will and jada are forever gonna be know as bad parents instead of actors and talent. this is what happens when you have kids , you are responsible for more than just your own image. their image too

  2. Shady Jack Jones on June 16, 2014 at 10:25 pm

    Hey cupcake baby…STFU!! Mind your own ratchet a** kids…if you even have any. Oh, my bad, mind the 7 you got from the 7 baby daddies and the 5 uncle daddies, that hauled a** when they visited the crib! LMAO LMAO