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Health alert: CDC reports Chik-V virus spreading from Caribbean to US



Health officials in the United States have warned that a new mosquito-borne virus is spreading through the United States. The Chikungunya virus, also known as Chik-V, has sickened thousands in the Caribbean islands. The symptoms of the virus include high fever and severe pain which can last three to four days.

Now the CDC is reporting multiple cases in at least 15 states from New York to Florida. In the state of Florida there are 25 cases alone, which is the highest number. According to the CDC, the infected individuals picked up the virus when traveling to regions where it is prevalent. Currently there is no evidence that the U.S. mosquito population is spreading the virus. However, the mosquito species in the U.S. is capable of spreading this infection. The infection is rarely fatal, but on all accounts it has been called miserable.