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Funk Flex blasts DJ Envy on Instagram for ‘snitching,’ Envy claps back


Things are getting ugly in the Funk Flex and DJ Envy saga.

For those not fully aware, New York City radio personalities Funk Flex (Hot 97) and DJ Envy (Power 105) have been trading verbal jabs for the better part of three years now. Periodically, things will die down and before you know it, they are back at each others’ throats.

The latest incident involves Flex saying some unflattering things about Envy and his wife on-air and subsequently being served a cease and desist letter by Envy’s lawyers. Flex took to his Instagram account to voice his displeasure with the following caption:

McGruff the Snitch aka lil power ranger always talking to police and lawyers sending over paperwork!!! #stoptalkingtopolice


Envy then took to his Instagram page to rebut Flex’s snitch accusations. He uploaded the same letter and made his case via the following caption:

Now this is a Cease & Desist…. Full letter… No snitching, no police, no statements… this is a letter to a business… Stopping a coward from lying and making up stories… Any TRUE Dad or HUSBAND would do the same… Chess not checkers… @djfunkflex Your a lying, worthless, jealous, pathetic, old man… we all know your going thru a lot.. But lying is not the answer.. You have been in this business to long to go out like a b***h!!! You are 55 years old acting like a child… Be truthful with yourself bruh.. you are killing your legacy… We know your not tough, your not a thug, no fists, no gunplay just a man that likes to DJ… Be that man… We are excited Angie is part of the team and will continue to celebrate that…. I will not respond to your shenanigans again… Lights Out!!!

DJ Envy

Judging from the comments left on Flex’s post, it doesn’t look as if the people are rocking with him on this one. We’re thinking that he should just let this one go.


  1. Renee G on June 23, 2014 at 10:35 am

    u mean snitching?

  2. guest1 on June 23, 2014 at 12:29 pm

    Team DJ Envy