Prisoners smuggle gun into jail, shoot themselves in scheme to sue Florida Department of Corrections


Two prisoners in Florida came up with a plan to get money while in jail. However, the plan wasn’t well thought out. According to My Fox Orlando, inmates Deshandre Billups and Kirk Cartwright came up with the idea to smuggle a gun into the Columbia Correction Institution in Lake City, Florida.

After getting the gun inside, they were going to sue Florida’s Department of Corrections for getting shot while in jail.

With the help from friends and family members, the two were able to smuggle a .25-caliber handgun inside the prison through the mail. Billups and Cartwright shot each other and told prison guards they were shot by an unidentified inmate.

But after an investigation, authorities discovered that Billups and Cartwright created the scheme to get a reduced sentence or money from a lawsuit. Authorities also discovered that the two inmates would often smuggle cell phones and other contraband into the prison.

They were arrested and charged with possession of a firearm inside of a correctional facility and firearm by a convicted felon.

Cartwright’s girlfriend, Katherine Landrum, 28, and Billups’ mother, Joanne Billups, 46, were also arrested and charged in relation to the scheme.

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