Mack Wilds wants fans to really get to know him

(Photo Credit: Dana Williams)- Mack Wilds
(Photo Credit: Dana Williams)- Mack Wilds

Mack Wilds – also known as Tristan Wilds – is an actor and singer who played in films like Red Tails, HBO series “The Wire” and “90210.” A New York native, at the age of 24, this young gent is paving the way for other young actors and singers in the industry. This writer caught up with Wilds in LA during the 2014 BET Awards. Here’s what he had to say.

How are you making the transition from a gifted actor [smiles] to an even more gifted singer [smiles more]?

I think it’s a lot of hard work and perseverance. You know, there’s such a stigma with actors to go from one phase to another, especially involving anything entertainment wise. So, you have to really commit to it and not listen to the naysayers are a big part of it.

So, with your new album, New York: A Love Story, just dropping, how do you want your fans to interpret your music?

I want them to just get a better thought process of who I am as a person. I feel like with acting you get more in touch with the different characters that someone plays. You know the Michael Lee’s (“The Wire”) Dixon Wilsons’ (“90210”) but you never really know the actor behind it. As a person, I really want people to understand who I am as a man, growing up in America.

If you had the opportunity to work with any other artists dead or alive who would it be?

2 Pac, definitely Biggie, I definitely still want to work with Jay Z and Kanye and especially Lauryn Hill. There are so many people I want to sit down and pick their brains and eventually become a better artist as a whole.

 So what’s next for you?

More music, definitely more movies. I’m directing some stuff; commercial spots and more videos.

Catch Mack Wilds on tour with Wiz Khalifa on The Under the Influence of Music Tour coming to my city Chicago, August. Go to now for tickets.

~dana williams

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