‘Moses’: A film about soccer and sex trafficking of African boys in the US

Uzoma Okoro
Uzoma Okoro is the writer and director of Moses

The independent film Moses is a powerful and frightening look into the sexual slavery of young African boys. In African countries where soccer is popular, scores of young black males are being tricked into slavery by fake sports agents. The family members are given a few hundred dollars and the young man is promised a new career in America training to be a soccer star. Lenard “KYD” Jackson plays the title roles of 14-year-old Nigerian boy named Moses who dreams of being a soccer superstar. The imagery of the film is startling as we see the scene of a slave trader in modern times. In a scene reminiscent of the classic TV mini-series “Roots” young Moses must submit to physical examination by the sports agent. The dark reality of what is getting ready to happen is unknown to Moses’ father who tells the boy to take off his clothes to show the sports agent he is healthy and has no physical defects. Writer and director Uzoma Okoro says that these crooked sports agents operate throughout parts of Africa where soccer is popular. When asked about the sex trafficking of African boys to Europe and the United States, Okoro says that for the most part it is “older, white men seeking these young boys. It is homosexual sex but you can’t even call it sex because it’s actually rape. The boys are being raped, molested and manipulated.” The film has been well received and will make its world premiere at the next Sundance Film Festival, as well as other major film events within the coming year.

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