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Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders » Kandi Burruss, Emily B. and more to speak at Ladies Who Brunch Atlanta

Kandi Burruss, Emily B. and more to speak at Ladies Who Brunch Atlanta

Dayira Jones and Bianca Rush

Dayira Jones and Bianca Rush

Ladies Who Brunch Atlanta is a women-empowering, networking soirée that will feature panelists Kandi Burruss, Necole B., Emily B., Cynthia Bailey and Latasha Harvey on Sunday, July 27 at the Biltmore in Atlanta. Event creators and entrepreneurs Dayira Jones, founder of notably successful Bella Bar Tee’s; and Bianca Rush, founder and co-owner of global brand Sassy Mitchell Hair, decided to host Ladies Who Brunch to provide a platform for women to share professional and personal  best practices, to help them navigate entrepreneurship.

The duo hosts and attends a plethora of networking events nationwide and this past March, they held their first seminar, which included a live performance by So So Def’s Dondria.

Read what they have to say about the summer installment of Ladies Who Brunch Atlanta.

What do you hope participants glean from the event?
Dayira Jones: They will walk away inspired, empowered and educated entrepreneurs.
Bianca Rush: I hope participants feel empowered and ready to work on making better things happen for themselves as well as for their companies. I also hope participants create new friendships, possible partnerships or new relationships with other participants. I am all about people making connections and increasing their network.

With all of the events going on in Atlanta, why did you decide to do a brunch?
DJ: Ladies Who Brunch Atlanta is platform that provides solutions critical in any business and a wealth of information and resources.
BR: We decided last December to host a brunch because we both love food. Brunches are typically held on Sundays, which is a day where people rest, relax and enjoy the company of others. There aren’t many events occurring on Sundays during the day.  We feel this is the prime opportunity to host our events because women are likely able to attend.

What sets this event apart?
DJ: Women network with one another and build fruitful relationships; when you sow good seeds, blessings come.
BR: What sets our event apart is our backstories. Before creating this initiative, Dayira and I both focused on building our own individual brands which fostered a reputation of being trustworthy and highly respected. We decided to combine our ideas to create this women-empowering brand called Ladies Who Brunch.

Why did you choose this group of ladies to speak?
DJ: Each panelist has a story that includes trials, tribulations and triumphs that led them to fulfilling their purpose.
BR: We chose this group of ladies to speak because we hold them in high regard. We believe their journeys to success are stories that will benefit all in attendance.

Who typically attends this type of event?
DJ: Anyone who wishes to start a business or network with people already established. It provides an opportunity for her to gain insight.
BR: Women who have an interest in building a successful business.

What type of woman is she?
DJ: She is strong, virtuous, fearless, confident, and truly passionate about family, life and paying it forward.
BR: Our events at this time are for women only and there is not a type of woman that attends our event, rather each woman has an interest in business and growing as a woman in business or one who has an interest in business.

What is your background?
DJ: Fashion, business, communications and I also worked with the production company, 51 Minds (VH1’s “The Family Hustle”).
BR: Technology and business

What is your vision for this event in the next 2-3 years?
DJ: Our goal is to become a global brand by creating partnerships with international ambassadors.
BR: My vision is to build a membership network and have affiliate chapters. I want Ladies Who Brunch to be the go-to brand when considering business relationships, sharing success stories, personal and financial, for women across the globe. I also envision for 2015 that our first Ladies Who Brunch Atlanta conference weekend to include seminars, workshops, networking and ancillary events. Lastly, we have been told that our UK ladies have a need for Ladies Who Brunch, so we’re definitely expanding overseas.

Ladies Who Brunch Atlanta screenshot

Ladies Who Brunch “Royal Tea” networking panel will take place Sunday, July 27 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Biltmore. Tickets are available Join the conversation on Twitter & Instagram: @lwbATL and #LadiesWhoBrunchATL

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