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Police officer who killed Eric Garner once slapped black men’s genitals during strip search

The police officer who allegedly choked and killed Eric Garner has a history of misconduct. According to the New York Daily News, Daniel Pantaleo once illegally strip searched two black men while looking for drugs.

Pantaleo and other officers stopped Darren Collins and Tommy Rice in March 2012 and began searching the men. However, the police didn’t have a search warrant. Pantaleo removed Rice’s belt and pulled his pants down. He then pulled Rice’s boxers down and began slapping his genitals.

Collins also said that Pantaleo did the same thing to him. Pantaleo and the other officers didn’t find drugs on Rice or Collins and they were not arrested.

After the incident, Rice and Collins filed a complaint against the NYPD. They recently settled out of court for $15,000.

Pantaleo was stripped of his badge and gun following the death of Garner.

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  1. Taliba James on August 6, 2014 at 1:08 pm

    WTF kind of pervert is he?!