Eric Garner Jr. speaks out against NYC Black Lives Matter activist’s threats

Eric Adams, the mayor-elect of New York City, announced earlier this month that he would reinstitute plain clothes officers in New York to help police the city. The move has drawn some harsh criticism from Black Lives Matter activist Hawk Newsome. Adams and Newsome sat down for a meeting as well this month but after […]

New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams responds to BLM activist’s threats

Eric Adams, the mayor-elect of New York City, hasn’t even been sworn in yet and is facing a few problems head-on. Adams took some harsh criticism from Black Lives Matter activist Hawk Newsome who told the newly elected mayor that there would be “riots and bloodshed” if plainclothes policing is reinstituted in New York. Adams, […]

Gabrielle Union addresses racism with her kids

Racism is a hard topic for parents to discuss with their children but Hollywood superstar Gabrielle Union doesn’t shy away from the subject with her kids. The mother of 2-year-old Kaavia and stepmom to Zaire (19), Zaya (14) and Xavier (7), recently spoke with Health Magazine about breaking the ice and having these difficult but […]

Lil Baby, Killer Mike and Tamika Mallory call for change at Grammys (video)

Lil Baby rocked the Grammy Awards Sunday night, March 14, with his performance of his politically driven anthem “The Bigger Picture,” which takes a look at America’s racial problem and the mistreatment of Black people by the police. The Atlanta rapper used his performance to make sure no one forgot about the deaths of Rayshard […]

Black Lives Matter movement nominated for 2021 Nobel Peace Prize

The Black Lives Matter movement has been nominated for a 2021 Nobel Peace Prize. Petter Eide, a member of Norway’s Parliament, nominated the movement this week, calling it “a very important worldwide movement to fight racial injustice.” “I find that one of the key challenges we have seen in America, but also in Europe and […]

Families of George Floyd, Eric Garner and Jacob Blake speak out (video)

The families of George Floyd, Eric Garner and Jacob Blake are inextricably intertwined with each other due to police brutality and their shared belief that they “are not looked at like humans.” The three families are members of an exclusive club after their lives were “changed within seconds” after the men in their lives were […]

White cop who killed Eric Garner with chokehold demands job back

Just when the survivors of Eric Garner thought it was safe … The White New York police officer who killed Garner with an unrelenting and outlawed chokehold in 2014 is now demanding to get his job back. As a matter of fact, former cop Daniel Pantaleo is suing the New York Police Department to get […]

Eric Garner’s chokehold death made into a movie

3 When Eric Garner’s life was tragically choked out of him by former New York police officer Daniel Pantaleo, the slaughter gave birth to a budding filmmaker’s debut movie American Trial: The Eric Garner Story.  Premiering at the annual New York Film Festival, Roee Messinger’s movie explores what might have happened had Pantaleo been indicted […]

NYPD fires officer who killed Eric Garner with chokehold

Daniel Pantaleo, the plainclothes member of the New York Police Department who killed Eric Garner with an outlawed chokehold in 2014, has been terminated from the department after five years, NBC News reports. NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill has upheld the decision handed down by an administrative judge that Pantaleo be terminated for choking the life […]

NYPD judge recommends Eric Garner’s killer be fired for chokehold death

A New York Police Department judge recommended the officer responsible for putting Eric Garner in a fatal chokehold in 2014, Daniel Pantaleo, should be terminated from the NYPD. Buzzfeed also reports that just a few hours after that judge’s decision was handed down, Pantaleo was suspended from the force. This comes five long years after […]

Detroit police disrupt Cory Booker at the Democratic presidential debate

Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s statements regarding his position on NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy sparked a flame of contention that has existed between the mayor and citizens of the city of New York, for BeBlasio’s refusal to terminate the officers responsible for the murder of Eric Garner, most notably Daniel Pantaleo. DeBlasio’s refusal to fire the officers is […]

NYPD officer that killed Eric Garner with chokehold will not face charges

The New York Police Department officer who applied the illegal chokehold that killed Eric Garner in Staten Island, New York will not face federal charges, NBC News reports. After concluding its five-year investigation, the U.S. Department of Justice said it will not seek civil rights or criminal charges against officer Daniel Pantaleo. The officer was […]

NYPD union says Eric Garner did not die from chokehold

The police union representing the New York Police Department is trying to tell the world that you should believe their words, not your lying eyes. Despite the infamous video that went viral worldwide showing Eric Garner dying from a chokehold applied by officer Daniel Pantaleo, the union has the intestinal fortitude to actually say that […]

Death of mentally ill Black man being called ‘West Coast Eric Garner’ (video)

A current federal wrongful death lawsuit against the Hayward, California police department, has brought to light a case that escaped national attention. Roy Lee Nelson Jr., a mentally ill Black father, died during an arrest declaring, “I can’t breathe,” after family members called 911 for medical help. Now recent video introduced into evidence has called […]

Lawyers for cop who killed Eric Garner claim he was never put in a chokehold

By now, many people have heard the story of Eric Garner, 43, who was a married father of six children and two grandchildren. In the infamous video viewed by millions across the world, Garner was placed in a chokehold by New York Police Department Officer Daniel Pantaleo and shouted “I can’t breathe” multiple times before lying motionless […]

Eric Garner: Battle to get cop fired in danger because of delay

It was July 17, 2014, when Eric Garner was choked to death on a street corner in New York. His death was caught on cell phone video as he was choked to death by NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo while gasping the words, “I can’t breathe.” Now a critical case that could mean Pantaleo gets kicked […]

The NYPD gave Spike Lee big money to improve relations between cops and Blacks

The notorious New York Police Department surprised many when it decided to hand over big bundles of Benjamins to director Spike Lee for him to develop and run a program that will improve relations between the NYPD and the Black community it is supposed to serve. The department, still reeling from the choke-hold death of […]

6 things you can’t do while Black in America

The season of protest and civil disturbance that usually comes with summer is getting a springtime build up of hate. Across America, outrageous reports of bigotry and racism posted to social media have become national news. Let’s look at six things Black people can’t do. Let rolling out know what else should be added to […]

Erica Garner, daughter of murdered chokehold victim Eric, is dead at 27

The firebrand daughter of police chokehold victim Eric Garner died in Brooklyn Saturday morning, sources told the New York Daily News. She was 27.  The beloved and outspoken Erica Garner had been fighting for her life since she suffered a massive heart attack a week ago, family members told the Daily News Thursday. Relatives and friends […]

Erica Garner has not been declared brain dead, family says reports are false

Erica Garner is not brain dead. On Dec. 28, New York Daily News reported that Garner, 27, was declared brain dead by doctors without a chance of recovery. However, family members dispute the report. Hours after the report went viral, a person close to Garner tweeted from her account. The person tweeted, “I know that […]