Laverne Cox corrects Gayle King about transgender comments

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Laverne Cox has been on a roll these last few months when it comes to interviews, flowing with ease between charming and personable to strong and informative. And the “Orange Is the New Black” superstar continued that trend last week when she appeared on “CBS This Morning” and politely corrected host Gayle King when it came to addressing her youth as a transgender woman.

During Cox’s introduction, King started off the conversation with “So, you were born a boy …”

Cox politely chimed in and corrected King, saying that she wasn’t born a boy. Instead, the world imposed that idea on her.

“I was assigned male at birth is the way I like to put it, because I think we’re born who we are and the gender thing is something someone imposes on you. And so I was assigned male at birth but I always felt like I was a girl,” Cox explained.

Laverne Cox - CBS IN The Morning

Although King and her co-hosts, Norah O’Donnell and Charlie Rose, understandably continued to ask about Cox’s gender, the Emmy-nominated actress continued to handle herself well in the interview and displayed the grace that she’s become known for in the public eye.

And Cox’s honesty has certainly had an impact on her fans.

“I’ve gotten hundreds of messages from parents saying that they are understanding their trans children better, trans folks who’ve said they’ve transitioned because of this, and also trans people who have already been transitioning and feel like their dreams are now possible because I’m living very openly as myself,” said Cox. –nicholas robinson

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