Lupe Fiasco addresses Ferguson protesters


Lupe Fiasco has joined an ever-growing list of hip-hop artists offering commentary on the situation in Ferguson, Missouri; where protests have continued for ten days since the killing of teenager Mike Brown at the hands of Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson. Speaking via Twitter, Fiasco urged the community to seek to reform the police force by becoming more directly involved with policing.

“The tragic death of Mike Brown was the product of a system that can be changed,” the Chicago native tweeted. “Protests & activism satisfy passions for the moment … Long term goals & solutions must be on the minds of folks so events like this never happen again especially once the news leaves … Long term change only happens from within. #LongLiveMikeBrown”

Fiasco then tweeted links to information about becoming a police officer; echoing sentiments that have been shared by others in the wake of this shooting. As police brutality continues to plague African American communities, many believe that a step in the right direction would be more officers who are actually products of these communities policing these streets.

“Anybody else notice how the sample questions in the Peace Officer exam all use the name “Officer BROWN'” Lupe added. “… yeah … if u ever needed a sign …”

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