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Chingy says terrorist group ISIS is made up by the US and Israel


According to many experts on foreign policy, the group known as ISIS aka Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is the biggest threat to America since Al-Qaeda, but St. Louis rapper Chingy says it’s all a mind game created by the United States and Israel to have an excuse to start a war.

The “Right Thurr” rapper recently posted an interesting picture of hooded gunmen on his Instagram with a caption that read:

On another note; I want everyone to beware that #ISIS is another made up terrorist group created by the #USandIsrael to create a major problem which sets off a major solution which is #WAR. Don’t be fooled by your tv programs showing you heads being cut off an all that; they stage things to create wars so that they (illuminati you can call them) can control population and natural resources while depopulating the worlds civilization down. #HELLO #FulldekkFullosiphy


Since making military advancements in Iraq and taking control of various territories, ISIS has been a constant news story.

Most recently the group has been credited with the beheading of American journalist James Foley, who was executed by the group on video.



  1. Chad on September 1, 2014 at 9:54 pm

    Yeah right. And aliens have landed in Chicago. This is wut passes for a celebrity these days. And his loyal minions who hang on his every Saturdsy Night Live skit words. Don’t know abt him, but majority of these celebs have barely gotten their GED’s. But they want to lecture us so bad, usually socially or politically, so they can b taken seriously. And most of time, they just show a lack of education and ignorance of facts.

  2. Lyric on September 2, 2014 at 12:49 pm

    Actually, what he saying is not that far off. The government is a very necessary evil. Just don’t let the media dictate how you are educated. Do you homework, research, find out for yourself and you just may be surprised about what you find!

  3. butterbeanbabe on September 2, 2014 at 7:08 pm

    so I quest you don’t know the government is the one who gives pharmacuticle money to give you to cure something you aint even got !! cancer is made in a laboratory courtesy our government . all the illnesses people are treated for is planted in the foods you eat , and the government supposedly has osha, an fda monitoring chemicals in food .. and they are the ones ok ing the chemicals in the babys milk on shelves , meats we eat and potatoe chips cookies , sodas , dish liquid almost every thing you touch is set up to kill you , when someone said my mother died of parkison I shake my head cause for years their moma got food stamps to afford all the processed foods she wants fedd her kids the poison then died at 65 or 75 after years of eating the mess …
    if the government can kill millions of us just by disallowing cows to be feed real wheat but instead posion corn raised with chemical.. shot up with preservatives to keep the meat pink and pretty on the shelves dies in mostly 90% of what you eat … huh .
    you don’t think they will creat a false militia to fake a few killings so that we can think there is a war ,, why would anyone start a war with us 😕 we have more weapons and power than any country in the world accept Russia ..why would little old seria and Saudi fight us >? I don’t know if what chingy is saying is really true but it makes since to a whole lot of people .
    you don’t trust the government .. case in point look how they allow local government to treat black americans on the streets in their own neighborhoods . you can tell me they can go over there and fight a war but don’t give a shit bout the war right here ..
    its all about the economy .. these liers just care about themseelve their famileis etc …
    the rest of us can go to hell oviously you really gotta be careful speaking against them too. they watch you even through your cell phones ..

  4. VNON on September 2, 2014 at 8:33 pm

    The PROPAGANDA machine is turned on.