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Cee Lo tweets rape comment, reality show penalized

Cee Lo Green - Sexual Assault Cover

Cee Lo’s reality show cancelled after “rape” tweets spark outrage

Former “The Voice” coach Cee Lo finds himself in the hot seat, after nonchalantly providing social media with a very controversial view on the definition of rape.

He tweeted…


Due to the nature of the content and outrage Cee Lo’s comments garnered, TBS has decided to pull the plug on his reality show, “The Good Life.”

Deadline reports…

“The cable network has confirmed that it canceled the former “Voice” star’s unscripted series, which debuted June 23. The news comes days after Cee Lo Green rattled the Twittersphere during the holiday weekend with controversial, and since-deleted, comments about rape. “The Good Life” lasted six episodes, wrapping its run July 28.”

When will these stars learn that when it comes to social media, controversial subjects are off the table?

There has been no response from Cee Lo’s camp since his show’s cancellation. Do you think the network was justified in their reasoning for ending their partnership with the eccentric music star? – ruthie hawkins/@ruunanie


  1. alum1989 on September 3, 2014 at 10:47 am

    At least one media outlet has the common sense to realize how stupid many of these so called rap, hip hop stars are. Just because they berate and demean women in their music and the uneducated minority community tolerates it along with violence against women and rape and other demeaning and violent acts, the media should have a higher conscious and they were 100% correct for cancelling this idiots show. We should NEVER condone any comment where rape is anything other than a violent crime against women.

  2. butterbeanbabe on September 3, 2014 at 11:51 am

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    i dont get black women likeing a show that depict us as evil . dumb ,stupid , ex convicts wives . downlow nigros ,, and just plan stupid .. MISS ME WITH THIS DAM SHOW

    THE CE LOW SHOW … im so glad they got this pedofile off tv it was the best decision greedy networks could make cause rathing were gonna go down badly on him

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