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Irony: Columbus Short criticizes Ray Rice over domestic abuse

Columbus Short & Ray Rice - Cover

Former Baltimore Ravens star Ray Rice came under a mountain of controversy, and rightfully so, after footage of him beating his then-fiancée, Janay Palmer, unconscious in an elevator last February surfaced online. Since then, Rice has been bashed by a bevy of angry fans and celebrities for his vicious behavior. But fans were almost equally shocked to see that troubled actor Columbus Short was one of the people bashing Rice as well.

For those that don’t remember, Short has quite the history of violence himself. Aside from assaulting a man in a bar fight, Short was also accused by his wife, Tuere Short, of choking her and threatening to kill them both when she filed a restraining order against him back in April.

Short eventually pleaded no contest to the charges and ended up with probation.

But in a shocking twist, yesterday, he criticized Rice in a now deleted Instagram post for assaulting his own wife as well.

Columbus Short - Ray Rice Diss

On one hand, it seems hypocritical for Short to be criticizing anyone else about being an abuser. But on the other hand, if he’s seen the wrong in his own actions, perhaps he knows better than anyone why domestic and intimate partner violence is so wrong and unjustifiable. Although, that bit of criticism would have been more easily accepted by the public had Short mentioned his own domestic violence case in the post. – nicholas robinson



  1. butterbeanbabe on September 9, 2014 at 12:45 pm

    THIS MAN IS A MONSTER ON THE INSIDE . i know first hand what an abuser is like i was abused at one time . and they will lie and decieve hundreds of people they will convience the victime that its her fault some how .. he told her if she wasnt drunk it would not thave happen .and so she probablly dont drink anymore ..but he does .. lol abusers are con artist .. and convicts too l they dont care bout no one knowing what they did

  2. Iceberg Ice on September 13, 2014 at 3:58 pm