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Kandi Burruss buys Mama Joyce a major new gift

Kandi Burruss & Mama Joyce - Cover

Kandi Burruss and Mama Joyce haven’t had the smoothest relationship this year, thanks to their feuding over Burruss’ marriage to her new husband, Todd Tucker. But it looks like mother and daughter have finally made up as Burruss reveals that she recently bought her mother a new home.

Burruss shared the news yesterday on her Instagram page, explaining that she closed the deal on the new home.

Kandi Burruss - Joyce New Home 1

“Just bought a new house for my mom @[email protected]_luxurious helped us close the deal! Thanks girl!” she captioned the above photo of herself, Mama Joyce and celebrity realtor, Brandi Hunter.

However, Burruss posted another photo, saying that it was bittersweet watching the former owners sell their home.

Kandi Burruss - Joyce New Home 2

“The wonderful couple that sold us the house lived there for 20 years. The wife started crying right at the closing table and I didn’t know what to do. Bitter sweet moment…. @mamajjoyce was super [email protected]_luxurious,” Burruss wrote.

Fans of the “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” remember that there was previously a lot of controversy about Mama Joyce staying in Burruss’ old home after Joyce accused Tucker of being a gold digger. Fans angrily accused Joyce of indulging in her daughter’s financial favor, but Burruss came to her mother’s defense and claimed that her mother can have anything she wants.

We’re glad that Burruss and her mother seem to be on better terms and we hope that Burruss has everything she wants as well, including a happy home life with her husband and her mother united. – nicholas robinson



  1. butterbeanbabe on September 17, 2014 at 7:49 pm

    the old bitty ought to have made enough off her acting drama bullshi..t money of her own to buy her own house a lot of fans like her she got a check to i hear BRAVO HAD TO PAY HER FOR CLOWNING AND GETTING HATED.. so why does candy have to do anything for her… i know you have to take care of moma .. but moma joyce and moma dee HAS REALLY EMBARRASSED ELDER WOMEN .. ACTING LIKE UNDERSEX HORMON RAGE OLD DESPERADOS .. BOTH GOT ISSUE IN THE HEAD …. now moma joyce got a fan base dont expect her to sit in her new home picking peas and peeling corn on the porch .. she will be back in the studio acting madd again she do not hate todd never did .. it was what bravo do .. THE JED EYE THAT BEYONCE THEM USE ALL THE TIME ITS HOLLYWOOD ..SO DONT BELIEVE ANYTHING YOU READ .. it aint even so

  2. Pink Leo on September 18, 2014 at 8:01 am

    Again, buying mom