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3 questions with Resurrection University’s assistant director of admissions, John Pechacek

John Pechacek

Tell us about Resurrection University.

We are located inside of Saint Elizabeth’s hospital in Chicago at 1431 North Claremont Ave., off of Western Avenue and we’re a college of nursing and allied health. So we’re an upper division school, which makes us a little bit different. You’re going to take your college courses elsewhere so when you come here you’re only going to take nursing or for example our Health Informatics and Information Management classes. Our students transfer in college credits.

What programs are offered at Resurrection University?

Starting with say the bachelor’s programs we offer bachelor’s programs in nursing and also Health Informatics and Information Management. A student coming into those programs is going to take for example their general education requirements like a math or an English at another college and then when they come here, they’re only going to take classes within that specialty. Starting with nursing for example,students who come here have generally gone to community colleges or universities and basically taken the courses that are necessary to get into our school.

I always say that our school is for everyone. A lot of times people that come here are looking for a change, a new career. So people tend to have degrees in all kinds of fields and that’s what’s great because you can have a degree in history. You can have a degree in math but maybe that’s not what you want to do. Maybe you want to do something different in a rewarding profession. So people will come here and achieve those goals by taking our nursing and health informatics classes.

Basically when you talk about nursing, you’re talking about a program that we have [which is] a 16-month daytime program. We also have a 20-month evening-weekend program. In those programs it’s a pretty fast pace. You’re learning a lot of material very quickly but you’re being taught by very knowledgeable faculty and it’s something where you have to be really dedicated to wanting to be a nurse. Some people come in and it may not be what they were looking for. It’s a commitment level for those that want it, we can give you what you’re looking to do which is to change your career and go into a different field.

Another thing that we have here is master’s programs for people who are nurses already. So not only are we a school where people can become a nurse but people can also enhance their skill set and advance in their careers.

We also offer a bachelor’s in Health Informatics and Information Management. Now a lot of people say, what exactly is that? Basically if someone is interested in the health care field but maybe they don’t want to become a nurse, we do have another option. Health informatics and information management deals with the analysis of health information. So most notably, electronic medical health records.

How does one begin their nursing or allied health career at Resurrection University?

You can go to our website at When you go there you want to click where it says inquire now. When you do that it’s going to allow you to put in your information and create a personalized website just for you that will give you information about all of our programs and how to apply for them.